What's going on here?

the lockbox is an ethereum experiment to create a
local peer-to-peer sharing economy (without middlemen) 🙅

Gadgets are expensive. Becoming an early adopter isn't cheap. Yet in a building of startups and innovaters, sharing the cost of these gadgets makes it accessible. Just imagine how epic your snapchat and instagram could be... 🤔💭

What gadgets are we going to crowdfund @
Brightlands Smart Services Campus?

How will this work?

  • Crowdfund

    The community decides on the gadget they wish to share. Crowdfunders receive shares of ownership in the gadget.

  • Box & Lock

    The gadget is purchased, placed inside of a box, and secured by a smartphone-friendly smart-lock.

  • Use & Rent

    Crowdfunders can unlock the box.
    Everyone else can pay the crowdfunders to unlock the box.

Available Games

Check out what games are available within our VR Arcade before you make your reservation.