On this page you can browse the different categories of games available in the VR Arcade!

Action Games

The Lab
Welcome to The Lab, a compilation of experiments to try out! Are you ready to fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, destroying the Aperture storage annex using a slingshot or more? Then look no further!
Project: Rampage VR
If Rampage and Destruction is what you crave, then look no further! In Rampage VR you can create your own monsters to then completely destroy either Paris or Chicago! This game is meant for those who just can’t seem to get enough destruction done in the real world!

Ready Player One: Oasis Beta
If you’ve seen the movie*, then you know why you should play this game! Immerse yourself in the Oasis and experience a collection of action packed minigames! This game is great for people looking for an adventure of shoot their way to survival!
*We programmed the game to also accept people who did not watch the movie
Space Pirate Trainer
Plundering and Pillaging, but in the 21st century? Has this always been your aspiration, but have you never had a clue where to start? No more excuses! Space Pirate Trainer is an action shooter, training the skills you need to become a Space Pirate! This game is awesome for people looking for an action-packed experience!

Superhot VR
Does fighting like you in the Matrix seem cool to you? Is dodging bullets and throwing Ninja Stars your forté? SuperHot allows you to just that and more! This game is meant for people eager to proof their fighting skills that don’t back down after they get punched in the face*.

*Face-punching happens purely in VR, you’ll suffer no actual physical harm, unless self inflicted…
What if I told you that Magic is no longer just for Harry Potter and his friends? With Wands you have magic at the tip of your fingers! Find old relics and power up to beat other duelers. Do you have what it takes to become the most powerful Wizard or Witch in the world? This game is for people who love fantasy and are looking to use some magic to destroy their enemies.

Fruit Ninja
Do we even need to say more? It’s Fruit Ninja! The classic game from your phone has made it’s way into the Virtual Reality allowing you to truly honor your eastern roots and SLICE. SOME. FRUIT! Avoiding the bombs in classic mode or setting a new high score in zen, this game is absolutely fun for players looking for some slicing action!

Casual Games

Acute Art VR Museum
In this passive game you can immerse yourself in virtual reality works of art by world’s leading contemporary artists. This can be a great experience for someone wanting to see what VR is, without needing any gaming skill in advance.
Allumette is a beautiful story unfolding right in front of your eyes. This passive game enables you to follow the story of a girl grasping for hope after being stuck by loss. This can be a great experience for someone wanting to see what VR is, without needing any gaming skill in advance.
Google Earth VR
If you’re sick at looking at the world on your screen and don’t have the cash or time to visit the world’s landmarks like the Great Wall of China or Lady Liberty, then this app is right what you need. Google VR enables you to float over planet earth and discover the world.
The Night Café
This passive game enables you to step into the world of Vincent van Gogh. See his work through different angles and experience his art first hand! This can be a great experience for someone wanting to see what VR is, without needing any gaming skill in advance.
Reaping Rewards
As a young Grim Reaper you need to figure out what kind of a Reaper you are going to be. Explore an emotional story that unfolds based on decisions you make! This game is great for people with limited gaming skills that want an immersive experience.
Rec Room
Some days you just want to socialize with people and what better way to do it than alone in a VR room! Rec Room allows you to play together online doing activities like Paintball, Co-op quests, Laser Tag, Rec Royale. Dodgeball, and many more activities! This game is perfect for people who don’t like playing alone.
From the makers of hilarious Rick and Morty is now the VR Accounting programme! Immerse yourself in a crazy world filled with anti-logic and the actual voices from the show! This game is bound to make you laugh!

Creative Games

Blocks enables anyone to create anything they like in a simple and intuitive manner. An empty world is a boring one, so get out your tools and start creating! This designing game is perfect for the artistic people among us!
Mindshow is THE game for people aspiring to direct their own movies. Mindshow enables you to record scenes with different characters by playing them yourselves and recording their voices. Do have what it takes to create the next Hollywood blockbuster!?
"Building your own world. Playing levels you designed yourself. Making your wildest fantasies come true*. If the previous statements got you screaming yes, then this is the game for you! This game is great for people looking to create (and destroy!).

*Sadly so far only in VR..:("
Tilt Brush
Is drawing in 2D just no longer doing the trick for you? Try Tilt’s 3D Brush and discover that the world is your canvas! What will you draw? This game is meant for creative people looking for an outlet of just a new way to think about art!

Puzzle Games

Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment
If you are a fan of Escape Rooms, this is definitely the game for you! The doors lock, the timer starts running and you know you have to get out before that clock hits zero. Escape or die, it’s up to you.. This casual game is an excellent way to test your puzzling skills.
You’re on the run from Overcorp in a post industrial apocalypse and the only way to safety is using an old locomotive. Using your tools and wit, clear everything that’s in your way and escape Overcorp. This game is an excellent combination of action and puzzling.
Fantastic Contraptions
The object of the game is simple: get the pink ball to the pink goal, but to do that, you have to build a Fantastic Contraption. This is the game for creative people looking to puzzle their way to victory!
You’re in a 1970s Russian space capsule getting ready for descent when there is a system’s failure. Do you have the technical skills it takes to safely return to earth? Or will you crash in a horrible ball of fire before you figure it out? This game if for people who enjoy a dark sense of humor and have the puzzle skills to land safely!

Simulation Games

This Parkour simulator is for the adrenaline junkies who lack the courage to actually jump from buildings! In this game you can climb your way through various climbing parkours, racing to the finish! This game is perfect for everyone looking for a climbing challenge!
The Cubicle
Sometimes the mundane work that you do can get to you. This VR Experience is just a simulation of a regular day at the job.. Or is it? This game is not for the lighthearted!
Job Simulator
Sick of your job and just want to do something else with your life? Why not come do your job in virtual reality!? In a world where robots have replaced all humans, you can learn how it was ‘to job’! If you’re looking for a laugh then this game is definitely what you’re looking for!

Strategy Games

AirMech Command
In this Action packed Strategy game you are the commander of your own forces. Battle enemies and conquer the map! Want to pull the trigger yourself? Instantly enter your AirMech and pilot it directly. This game is a good way to test your skills.
What if you could be a god to your very own world, would you be a kind one and see your people thrive? Or would just just let them think you are until you rip it all away from them again? This game let’s you do either! Ever had that urge to exercise your god-complex? Then this is the game for you!